Bernhard Blaha

Founder of K4F, chairman of the association
Responsible for organization and course of the week
born 1961; grown up in Vienna; for more than 20 years in the sailing and charter industry
Hobbies: cooking, sailing, travelling

Masha Blaha

K4F Team Member since 2005
Responsible for PR and Sponsoring, Slide Show and acquisition of Russian Participants
born 1971; grown up in St. Petersburg (Russia)
Hobbies: sailing, sports, travelling

Dani Loidl

K4F Team Member since 2013
Responsible for the course and organization of the week, trained educator
born 1987 in Vienna
Ambulatorium Sonnenschein
Hobbies: travelling, sports

Harald Karner

K4F Team Member since 2009
Responsible for sponsoring
born 1961 in Vienna; Consultant for Marketing and Sales
Hobbies: travelling, Christmas tree cultures, sailing since childhood

Dr. Rudolf Kramer

K4F Team Member since 2016
Responsible for medical care
born 1961 in Vienna; Specialist in orthopedics and orthopedic surgery in Vienna; emergency medicine specialist
Hobbies: travelling, sailing, skiing

Armin Blaha

Co-founder of K4F
born 1981 in Vienna, Managing Director of Phoenix Yachting
Hobbies: sailing, water sports, travelling

Karin Kramer

K4F Team Member since 2016
born 1963 in Vienna
Hobbies: travelling, sailing, skiing

Günter Kreuzer

K4F Team Member
born 1948 in Mitterretzbach (NÖ)
Hobbies: sailing

Mario Zauner

K4F Team Member since 2014
Skipper since 2017
born 1973 in Grieskirchen (Upper Austria), certified Social Worker
Hobbies: sailing, motorcycling

Michaela Wundsam

K4F Team Member since 2017
Responsible for the K4F Song
born 1992 in Upper Austria, elementary school teacher
Hobbies: music, theater, baking and shaping pies

Benedikt Kramer

K4F Team Member since 2017
Responsible for Music and Homepage
born 1996 in Vienna, studying Business Law (WU Vienna)
Hobbies: skiing, flying

Marina Blaha

K4F Team Member since 2010
responsible for organizing the week
born 1983 in St. Petersburg
Hobbies: travelling, sports, my children

Emanuel Preuschl

Inventor of the K4F song
born 1980 in Vienna, works as a sports technologist at the University of Vienna; musician
Hobbies: music, sports


K4F dog
born in Marmaris (Turkey)
Hobbies: being pet, eating and sleeping