Our Goal

Kids for Freedom is a non-profit yachting initiative for socially disadvantaged children from all over the word, providing them with an educational and adventure network, supporting multi-cultural and multi-religious appreciation, widening one’s horizon, mediating sense of responsibility and mutual support.

The week on board

For a week, the K4F fleet sails along the beautiful coastline, entering a new bay every day. Of course there is a lot to do on board as well as ashore. There are many small events and games we prepare for an exciting and varied week.

Of course, living a week on a boat is not without clear rules and tasks that are distributed evenly and fairly to all crew members. Life on the boat and sailing with the wind only works if everyone pulls together and throws their prejudices overboard.


The participants of the week come from many different countries and so it happens that you have to try all the possibilities of communication. Most of the time English is the most commonly used language. However, it has often happened that at the end of the week a completely new language emerged which the kids understood. Children are very creative and K4F wants to encourage that creativity.